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RISI Conferene, Shanghai

EuroPack takes part in RISI Pulp & Paper Conferene, Shanghai

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Why EuroPack

Dear friends, 

Day by day our team works hard in the best interests of our clients to make the impossible possible and to achieve the desired result. We look, we listen, we seek advice, we discuss, and finally we do. “How could you make this happen?” our customers are wondering. “This must be some magic!” No. It is not magic. It is EuroPack

The deep knowledge of business processes and international experience guide EuroPack. Our commercial approach is one of the advantages we apply on a daily basis: our recommendations keep pace with production aspects of our clients, and we base our activity on the clients’ business needs. 

We are focused on establishing strong, continuous and long-term relationship with our clients to be able to predict the client’s requests and at the same time react quickly. Deep knowledge of the industry and the client’s needs help us to fulfill the customers’ requests properly in a wide range of issues, including meeting the needs related to the volume of production, time and way of delivery, etc. 

We can say that we work together with our customers. And we call such cooperation a partnership. This partnership as well as coordination of actions and permanent contacts with our foreign representatives helps us to improve our products and services all the time. 

Our strengths that our customers emphasize include market knowledge, responsibility, individual approach, experienced team, competence, proved reputation, experience of international cooperation, focus on innovation and efficiency. 

Our mission is to be a congruent company at the right time and right moment when our action plan and goals meet the clients’ expectations, when they are needed and help our clients to grow, to expand and to succeed. Our goal is to provide clients with the steady and secured existence on the market, increase in competitiveness and further sustainable growth.


Welcome to EuroPack!

Boris Malyovanyy, CEO


“Deep knowledge of industry and customer’s needs help us to fulfill the customers’ requests properly”