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RISI Conferene, Shanghai

EuroPack takes part in RISI Pulp & Paper Conferene, Shanghai

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Made of wood

Over the course of the history wood has been the most popular building material. It is not only because we have gotten used to working with it, but also because while working with wood we feel somehow connected to nature. Centuries have passed, and technologies have made a great progress, but nowadays wood still remains popular.

It is difficult to find a more pollution free and natural raw material than the wood. Besides, the authenticity of the product, its irreplaceability in many industries and sectors of economic activity is also very important. The texture of the wood and its qualities give possibility to perform different actions with it. Pallet, parquet, a wooden house, a school desk or a crib, and finally a pencil and chopsticks are the products that surround us in our everyday life, being its integral part.

And of course, it is the character of the wood! It is not simply “soft” or “hard” wood; it is a product that has its looks, history, manners and preferences.


 “Perfect solution for any environment”