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RISI Conferene, Shanghai

EuroPack takes part in RISI Pulp & Paper Conferene, Shanghai

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Round timber

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Round timber of coniferous and broadleaved species are used in different industries, in agriculture and construction. As a rule, round timber is divided into several main groups: 

  • round timber for peeling;
  • round timber for wood pulp production, making paper pulp and other kinds of products;
  • round timber for forest chemical treatment;
  • round timber re-sawing and shaping;
  • round timber for use in its initial form, i.e. in the round.

 Our company fulfills orders for delivery of round timber of different groups, including different sorts, namely:

 1st class is used for production of wood pulp of special destination

 2nd class is used for production of timber implied in construction, and machine industry

3rd class is used in the round, and in sawed form. They are used in machine industry, and construction

4th class is used for special technical needs


We deliver round timber of different length and diameter depending on the customer’s needs.


Log is the main and the most popular round timber; it is used as a raw material for sawn materials of general use and as a raw material for special kinds of products. 

Our company delivers:

  • logs of medium diameter
  • big constructional logs
  • cut wood
  • thin logs
  • small and medium logs